My name is Jonny Arnold.

I am a software engineer. By day I even get paid for it.

I spend the majority of my time making cool stuff with computers, talking about software or playing computer games.

It’s safe to say I’m a geek. But hey, that’s cool now. Right?

Why Me?

I am passionate about software. Just ask my long-suffering wife. I am more than happy to sit (in a pub) and talk at length about the nuances of programming languages with you or discuss the latest technologies. I like training people and giving presentations because it means I’m not the expert any more; it gives me someone else that I can talk to about things I’m interested in.

I am a generalist. Hand me a problem and I will use the most appropriate tools to solve it, rather than bending my favourite tools to fit it. I’ve completed projects in several programming languages (Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ruby, C#) and dabbled in a few more (Lua, Rust, C++, Clojure, Scala) to make sure that when I get given a problem I know the best way to solve it.

I talk to people. I spend time getting to know you: primarily because I find it interesting to hear about your life, but also because it makes working with you a lot easier. Close relationships are valuable, especially when working in teams. People have called me friendly; I think I’m just interested in people.

It’s not just programming. I have skills in a wide range of fields, acquired in my spare time or during other projects.

What I’ve Done

In 2019 I started working for Nomio. As the company's first employee, I am using both my technical and start-up experience to change the way we write legal documents.

Since 2016 I have been working for Trussle, an online mortgage broker. Working in a small company, I have had the opportunity to lead projects (technical and non-technical) and take part in a number of activities I was unable to do in larger companies.

Between 2014 and 2016 I worked for Reevoo, an independent ratings and reviews collector. Working in an Agile environment with an emphasis on pair programming, I have led and contributed to teams working on enhancements and maintenance of all aspects of their collection, display and analysis systems.

Between 2011 and 2014 I was a consultant for Tessella. During my time there I took up scientific software development, business analysis and project management roles. I have worked primarily in .NET for R&D departments, occupational health providers and medical device companies.

I’ve also done a number of projects in my space time. For more information check out my Projects and Blog.

Studies and Training